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A Credit Card is an alternative to physical cash. Credit cards are issued by banks or companies to individuals and in some cases to companies. The card enables the cardholders to purchase goods and services from Merchants by borrowing against your line credit with the credit card company and to make monthly payments on the outstanding balance.

Sign it : Sign your new cards as soon as you receive it, so that no one else can use it.
Watch it : Make sure your card is always within your sight when you make a purchase and the sales person returns your card, sales draft and store receipt after the transaction.
Draw it : Draw a line through the blank spaces above the total or circle the purchase amount on the sales draft when you sign your sales draft.
Keep it : Keep all your sales drafts for your transactions. Even at a self service station.
Verify it: Keep copies of you sales drafts. Verify amount purchased with the sales drafts for the month against your card statement. Report immediately if there should be any discrepancies /error.
Report it: If your cards are stolen/lost, call your Card Center immediately.
Record it: Make a list of your card account numbers and telephone numbers of your Issuer's Card Center, in case your cards are stolen/lost. Keep the list in a safe place.
Pay on time: Make your credit card payments on time. Be careful to avoid late payment charges and penalty rates.
Take care of it: Keep your card away from heat & direct sunlight, magnetic stripes should not be scratched ,placed back to back of two cards or near any magnetic devices ( i.e. Radio, television, etc.).

Lend it: Please do not lend your card to anyone, even to a friend or family member. Credit cards are not transferable.
Give it: Never give your account number over the phone unless you have validated the company or individual you have speaking with.
Disclose it: Never write or keep you PIN number in a purse or wallet-memorize it and then destroy the PIN notification.
Leave it out of sight : Never leave your cards unattended, out of your sight or in visible sight of others. Remember that they are the same as cash.
Lose it: Make sure your card (s) is always in your possession, check periodically to confirm.
Over-spend: It is important to budget accordingly to avoid overspending or to make ends meet.


What should I do if my credit cards are lost or stolen?
Phone your Credit Card Center and report stolen/lost card immediately. Your monthly billing statement will list the phone number for reporting lost cards. Be sure to get the name of the person you talked to. The Card Center will cancel your card so no unauthorized charges can be made on it.
Some Credit Card Centers may require you to make a written confirmation and /or police report of the stolen/lost card. Written confirmation should include your name, contact number, address, account number, the date you believe the card was stolen/lost ,and the name of the person you spoke to when you reported the stolen/lost card to the Card Centers. Attached the necessary documents to be forwarded to the Card Centers.

What do I do if I disagree with a charge on my credit card statement?
You should call your Credit Card Center to seek for further clarification on your statement. You can raise the dispute in writing within the stipulated time/days as stated in the Card Center's Terms & Conditions to the Card Center with regards to improper charge stating the following information:

- Your name and account number
- The dollar amount you dispute and information as to when it was charged and the name of the merchant
- A statement of the reason for your dispute

Card Centers are required to investigate and report back. Seek the Card center's advice on whether payment needs to be made on the disputed amount.

Can a merchant charge me more if I use a credit card?
A merchant may charge you more for using a credit card. However the merchant must disclose to you the additional charge before the sales is made. A merchant can also offer a discount to customers who pay cash.

This information is published by the Association of Banks in Malaysia as a service to the customers to promote general awareness of the bank's products and services. Customers are advise to seek the assistance of their respective banks as products and services may vary.


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These are our archives. For the latest updates visit our Main Website at

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