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Early Birds..

Looks like the kids are having fun

Eat all you can

It was a beautiful night for the party

Guess who looks more like the USJ23 Chairman?

More residents come out to join the party

Wow look at the man in the golden Hari Raya getup

Oops....crowd spilling over everywhere

I think we have to make way for others

Organising Committee Chairman - Roslan Ali and Son

This is good food!

Our newest residents Mr & Mrs SC Khoo (waving) and our strongest supporter of the N/W, Mr & Mrs CE Khaw

Come and have your satay

Trying to make a point

Speech by the Organising Committee Chairman - Roslan Ali

Short speech by Chairman Yee Foon Kong of the USJ23 Pro Tem Committee

Sub committee meeting?

It was wonderful to see all the different races coming together to celebrate this fine event