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Seating arrangements for the VIPs, Dato' Lee Hwa Beng (ADUN-Subang Jaya) and Chief Inspector of Police - Shah Alam, Encik Rashid

Wow, so many gifts

USJ23's own Claus? Free goodies bag for all the children

Pictures with Dino from Giant Supermarket

Master of Ceremony - AP Lyon seems to be saying, "What's wrong with everyone, let's get the show on the road"

Part of the USJ23 Resident's and N/W Pro Tem Committee

Those in favour of Dino for President, put up your hands!

Hi Mr. Chairman, where's your chair?

The good turn-out by the residents of USj23 to listen to our Chairman, Mr. Yee Foon Kong

YB Dato' Lee Hwa Beng (ADUN - Subang Jaya) with our Chairman, Yee Foon Kong and Secretary, Beh Yong Hock.

Dato' Lee donated a Security Watchman Clock and Fax machine to USJ 23 Residents, he also promised an upgrade of RM50,000 for the Children Playground

Now what?

Will you sit down? How I wish I could play these games.

OK, go quickly

What's up Doc?

Q-up for your goodies

Ok, step right up and get it.

Who says I can't have these? I have waited so long for a chance like this, its good that no one is looking.

Chow Time! Dig in everyone.