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Planet Free - USJ 23 Neighbourhood

Sound Barrier Wall
USJ23 Neighbourhood
report prepared by Khor Siek Choon

  Sound barrier walls with "windows"!   They can makes these walls pretty high too  
  Different ways to place the "windows"   Look at the colour combination  

28 November 2001 - One of our Resident took some pictures of the latest sound barrier walls along the Kesas Highway nearing the Cheras turnoff. These plastic walls even have "windows", and look and the different colours available!

We feel that it will give USJ23 the character it rightfully deserves. What do you think? Write and tell us about it


USJ23/3 facing the LDP


Side view from LDP Highway



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31 OCTOBER 2001 - An email was sent to Tn Hj Kamalul Azman Ad Rashid of Sime UEP to request on updating of the projected completion date for the said wall and to forward to us the design of the sound barrier wall for our reference and onwards briefing to the residents.

We are now awaiting the reply from Sime UEP.



AUGUST 2001 - Upon checking with the Sime UEP site personnel, it was to my knowledge that Sime UEP has decided to construct the sound barrier wall themselves and a separate specialist contractor will be awarded to carry out the work.

They have informed that Sime UEP is currently studying other options of design as the design of wall similar to LDP in Bandar Sunway require bigger footing and may have some site constraint.



JAN - JUNE 2001 - It was to my understanding that Sime UEP have come up with some proposal of sound barrier wall similar to LDP in Bandar Sunway after the tendering exercise and WCT Engineering (Sime UEP subcontractor) is to construct the said wall under their flyover package



NOVEMBER 2000 - Upon the approval, several discussion was held with the following parties to highlight on our wish of the design requirement for the sound barrier wall to be similar to those wall at LDP near Bandar Sunway

  1. En Rosli Mohammad Yunus of MPSJ
  2. En Rusli Abdullah of Sime UEP

En Rusli has confirmed verbally that they will construct the wall with the design similar to the one at LDP near Bandar Sunway.


  OCTOBER 2000 - Several follow up have been made with the following parties:
  1. Mr Yap Yun Fatt
  2. En Rosli Mohammad Yunus of MPSJ

Our request for the construction of sound barrier wall was approved in the MPSJ Council Meeting held on 17 Oct 2000. MPSJ has directed Sime UEP to construct the sound barrier wall in line with their flyover interchange.



SEPTEMBER 2000 - A letter of appeal with the signatures of our 19 residents was forwarded to Yang Dipertua of MPSJ, YB En Ahmad Fuad bin Ismail to request the assistance from YB in directing Sime UEP to construct the sound barrier wall.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the following contributing parties especially those who are not staying at Jalan USJ 23/3 for their kind support:

1. Yee Foon Kong 2. Patrick Novel 3. Roslan bin Ali
4. Yusri Bin Ismail 5. Suhaimi bin Abdul Rahman 6. Hakim bin Hashim
7. Kasinathan 8. Eleutherius Liew 9. Azrin bin Mohd Borhan
10. Ahmad Hussaini bin Hassan 11. Sany Mohd bin Mohd 12. Lee Ban Tat
13. Ahmad Fauzi bin Abdul Jalil 14. Rama Row 15. Siow Teck Fatt
16. AP Lyon 17. Lim Boon Hong 18. Khor Siek Choon
19. Mohd Hatar bin Ismail    

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AUGUST 2000 - A meeting with En Rusli, Raymond Chong and representatives of Sime UEP was held and seems they were denying the responsibility of erecting the sound barrier wall instead directing us to refer it to the LLM / Litrak

Our residents are represented by Mr Yee Fong Kong, Patrick Nathan, Khor Siek Choon & Kasinathan

Some checking was conducted with LLM and Litrak and apparently they have denied their responsibility.

A meeting with our ADUN YB Dato Lee Hwa Beng was held and he has indicated that Sime UEP is the party who responsible to construct the sound barrier wall as they are currently constructing the flyover.

Our residents were represented by Yee Foon Kong, Patrick Novel, Khor Siek Choon, Kasinathan



JULY 2000 - A meeting with all the residents at Jalan USJ 23/3 was held to highlight on the proposed flyover interchange and to discuss on the strategies to approach the relevant authority to appeal for erecting the sound barrier wall between LDP highway and Jalan USJ 23/3. This sound barrier wall is crucial to us as the proposed flyover interchange has led to the widening of LDP which will resulting the closer distance between the LDP and the houses along Jalan USJ 23/3 and hence will create further environmental pollution to our neighbourhood.

Apparently, the traffic volume at LDP will be huge upon the completion of Putra Height Township which will contains a population of 11,000 units of residential, commercial and industrial with an area of 727 acres and with the existing / future residential unit of USJ 23 to USJ 28. Thus, the widening of LDP due to the proposed flyover will eventually worsen the following problems to us:

a)    Noise Pollution
b)    Air Pollution
c)    Safety problem due to close distance and wide exposure of our area to LDP highway with a high volume of traffic

Our chairman, Mr Yee was invited to attend the said meeting.

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These are our archives. For the latest updates visit our Main Website at

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